Our problem-solving courts follow the National Association of Drug Court Professional (NADCP) best practices and standard guidelines. Our Adult Drug attends the NADCP annual conference as part of our SAMHSA federal award. Our goal is to attend the 4th Vet Court Conference in 2016. Please see the NADCP website for more information: and the website for educational/training information for Veterans Treatment Courts.

Team members from Juvenile Drug Treatment Court, Adult Drug Court, and Family Treatment Court also attend the Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals (MATCP) annual conference. Team members from other programs such as the Swift & Sure Sanctions Probation Program and IT Mental Health Court, attend MATCP through scholarship opportunities. Please see the MATCP website for more information:

By attending NADCP, MATCP, and Vet Court Conference, our court teams stay educated in the latest drug court research and veteran treatment services, learn about trending issues such as shifts in popular drug of choice, changing health care policies, PTSD, TBI treatment, and best practices.

Additional funding opportunities would allow our teams to attend these and other important training conferences.

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